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We are a software development company that designs, develops and delivers web applications for businesses.

A Creative Environment
For Engineers to grow in

We also believe that self-expression through work improves with an engineer’s skills.

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About us

“KEMURI”, our roots.

KEMURI means “smoke” in Japanese.
It is the signal of success when starting a fire using a bow drill.

To us, “KEMURI” represents a new
beginning in terms of original & essential innovation.

We stay true to being innovative.
That is why we are here –
for the people who need technology the most.

Technical Strengths

Requirements Definition

Systems Design





Our Services


01 / Services

Systems Consulting

Considering software development in India? We provide roadmaps for successful projects for your business. With our rich project experience, we provide you with meaningful business proposals, as well as the best & most appropriate advice for your systems.

02 / Services

Software Development

We offer sound & reliable technical services for your business – including web services, dedicated internal & external systems, application development – and any other IT operations. Our services will be delivered through perfectly optimized algorithms.

03 / Services

Data Migration

Data migrations for larger systems require more experience. We help corporate systems migrate from their legacy systems to new systems.

04 / Services

Product Development

We engage with all parts of the process – from business analysis and requirement specification, design, programming and testing, to developing products with Agile methodology – to meet your business needs.

05 / Service

Engineer Staffing

Skilled programmers are in demand across the world. We help you find the best staff who are located in Bangalore, India for your company. Contact us to find new engineers to assign your projects to. We also despatch developers to you for on-site development.

06 / Services

Content Creation

In order to brand your site, appealing content is a necessity. Using our expertise in photography, copywriting, and design, we provide you the most effective content for your marketing strategy. We can also make your website bilingual (e.g., Japanese – English).

Approaches to Product Development


01 / Product

Design Sprint

A design sprint is a design thinking method for user-centered design (UX Design). This is a proven methodology developed by Google, currently being used at some of the world’s leading companies.
The Design Sprint follows six phases: Understand, Define, Sketch, Decide, Prototype, and Validate.

02 / Product

Agile Software Development

For developing a practical product, we adopt the methodology of Agile development. The Agile Scrum process is an iterative approach. It brings benefits to the quality of deliverables by helping them cope better with change, and allowing us to be in better control of the project’s schedule and status.
This makes it possible for us to provide high-value features that are developed more quickly with short cycles, rather than with the longer cycles favoured by classic “waterfall” processes.

03 / Product

User Testing

Taking advantage of our location here in Bengaluru where engineers from all over the country gather, we plan Meetups, open up the creative process, consult with external engineers, conduct application tests with users – and utilise all of this for better product development.

Our Client
A partnership for the future

We work as the Indian development team with Diverta, our main client, whose business is known for its innovativeness and reliability.

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