Clients who we grow with
Trust-based, long-term relationships

We work as the Indian development team with Diverta, our main client, whose business is known for its innovativeness and reliability.

Our Partner

Diverta Inc. (Japan), the parent company of Diverta Asia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), holds an inspiring, decade-long track-record (since its inception on 27th January 2005) in the internet-based business – developing content management systems, and conducting research and development in new services using the internet, and the planning, construction and operation of websites.

Diverta Inc. has made multiple breakthroughs with just 42 employees under its roof till date – all under the guidance of Kenta Kato, its founder.



Kuruco is a service that supports front-end engineers to build services without considering about the back-end. High performance, high scalability, easy customization, works with external APIs because it is cloud-native.



A headless CMS for developers by developers.

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DocPuzzle is a “Cloud education test tool” that supports various education and training in the company.
You can easily create comprehension tests such as P mark, ISMS, various ISOs, etc. that must be carried out every year when employees join the company just by uploading their own documents. A standard template is also included, so it is possible to conduct an employee comprehension test from the day of introduction.

Our team handles a major part of the product development for Doc Puzzle – in all its phases includes User interviews, Project management, testing, etc.


Doc puzzle

Make it easy in-house education test.

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Code Puzzle started with an idea to improve code reading skills for the developers. We found that real world projects not only require problem solving skills but also code reading skills. Ability to read code effectively is difficult to improve unless the developer is experienced or works under a mentor.
To reduce the gap between an experienced developer’s coding skills and a developer fresh out of coding camp/University this platform was created.

Our team handles a major part of the product development for Code Puzzle – in all its phases.


Code puzzle

Become a better developer every day with Code Puzzle.

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Diverta Inc. has a few AI/Deep Learning projects. One of our staff is part of the team that researches automatic diagnostic aids and support software using medical image analysis. This involves the analysis of scanned medical images to find abnormalities in the brain. This project uses actual data from the advanced medical institutions that have partnered with Diverta.


AI – Artificial Intelligence project

Automatic diagnostic aids and support software using medical image analysis


Our team participated in the RCMS boot-camps held at Diverta Aisa in Malaysia in 2017 and 2018. In order to work on global projects with more seamless communication in remote work situations, it helps to discuss in person at least once during the timeline. Both kinds of communication – on and off the job – were helpful for each of the teams from Japan, Malaysia and India to become familiar with the others. We spent a few weeks working together there.


RCMS Boot-camp

RCMS boot-camp held at Diverta Aisa in Malaysia


RCMS is a platform for building an advanced website easier than ever by making various contents DB (metadata) and relating them. As a WEBSITE building platform, it continues to evolve beyond the framework of CMS.
RCMS is provided by SaaS, and new functions and technologies are added daily. Websites on RCMS, including security updates are always up-to-date.

Site Construction Platform

RCMS Proprietary Development Model

Consistent Concept

Always Evolving CMS

Our team works on RCMS projects – both in terms of developing client sites using the RCMS, and developing the original RCMS.

The various new functions developed in the past include implementing modules such as OAuth and SAML to add a general-purpose login, CSV manipulation, and the handling of multi-byte characters (mainly ShiftJIS). We also manage core issues related to the RCMS. The RCMS already has tens of thousands of users, and its clients include major companies in Japan.



A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

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The founder of KEMURI Technology, Etsu, was an engineer who worked on the RCMS when its development started in 2005, in the early days. It was then that our relationship with Diverta began.